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Lunch restaurantin Copenhagen


in the heart of Copenhagen
Whether it is for a business lunch, family fun or another lunch, you have an expectation that the quality of the food is in order. That part we can guarantee. We prepare our food with love for the profession and with good ingredients.

We appreciate providing a great guest experience so our staff has tasted our food, our wines, our beers, our juices and our sodas etc. How else should they be able to tell you about the taste if they have not tasted it themselves? Our staff must be there for you and your guests without them being intrusive and annoying.

After eating at our lunch restaurant, leave us with a wish to come back again soon.

We look forward to welcoming you and your guests in our beautiful old premises.

We have received an award from Restaurant Guru on the basis of customer satisfaction, which we are really proud of.


Carl Nielsen was a great composer who has made unbelievably many works. We have chosen to interpret some of his works in the dishes we serve. One of Carl Nielsen's very famous works is "The sun is so red, mother". We have chosen to interpret The sun is so red, mother like our tartar with an egg yolk colored by beetroot juice, so the "sun" turns red. See Menu

In addition to our lunch restaurant, we can also offer our restaurant to private parties. If you have a desire to hold your event or party in your very own restaurant, then you can use restaurant Carl Nielsen.

If you do not have your own wishes for the menu, we will be happy to put together a menu.

The most important thing for us is that your party or event becomes a good experience that your guests will look back on with joy.

We work together with Evarto
Carl August Nielsen and his wife Anne Marie Brodersen lived in the property where Restaurant Carl Nielsen is housed.

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